New Music: Blouse’s Debut Album

(Image via Captured Tracks)

Blouse is a Portland-based band that skillfully puts an 80s spin on its indie pop offering, minus the cheesy element.  Formed in the summer of 2010 by band members Charlie Hilton, Jacob Portrait and Patrick Adams, this talented trio was picked up by Captured Tracks of Brooklyn faster than the Dickee Dee in my childhood neighbourhood was swarmed by eager kids.

I heard their dreamy self-titled debut, released on November 1st, for the first time yesterday and while it normally takes me a few listens to get into an album, I loved Blouse’s sound from the start.  Maybe it was the familiarity that allowed me to connect to it so easily.  Much like how Rachelle Simoneau’s photographs come across as images of our memories, Blouse’s songs capture memories of sounds and thoughts.  Case in point: in Videotapes, warpy tape sounds are heard throughout the track.  Treading a fine line, this is yet another example of how delivering pieces of the past can help rather than hurt artists.  Lindsay Zoladz remarked in her Pitchfork review of the album: “it’s the record’s almost pathological obsession with the past that places it so squarely in the now.”

Vancouver welcomes Blouse at the Waldorf Hotel on January 13th, 2012.  Until then, you can fill up on their songs here and below.


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