The Bittersweet Voice

What an unbelievable weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, I received a much-anticipated recording of my mom’s voice care of my lovely friend Natalia.  Here’s the backstory: when I found out that my mom was ill, Natalia and I went to my former place of work to record onto cassette the hilarious telephone messages my mom had left me during my 4 years there.  Her messages made me laugh so much that when they were set to expire every couple of weeks, I re-saved them for what turned out to be years.

Natalia recently found the cassette and converted the messages to an audio digital file, 4 years after they were copied and 5+ years after my mom had left them on the messaging system. Unexpectedly, the sound of her voice and the happiness it contained affected me more than anything else has; more than the smell of her face cream, the taste of her best culinary dishes, the sight of her favourite plants, the warmth of her image or the feel of her hand-me-down clothes.

A now gone, loving voice.  I’m utterly surprised at how powerful it can be.

Recording those telephone messages was the best foresight I ever had.


ps. Thank you, Natalia xo


3 Comments on “The Bittersweet Voice”

  1. L. says:

    I feel you Sandy. Lost my Dad many moons ago and always wished I had a recording to remember his voice. It’s wonderful that you can cherish her spirit in this way. Memory is eternal…

    L xo

  2. Kim says:

    What a lovely story:)

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