Stylin’ Men

It’s no secret that I get girl crushes on the regular.  But, my male friends have been cleaning up so well of late that I couldn’t help but take notice.  Today I highlight the look of six handsome friends who dress to stand out.  Male and female readers alike can learn quite a bit from today’s post.

Ladies, enjoy the eye candy.


Stud in primary colours.  Andrew attended our friend Olga’s wedding this summer wearing red pants, a green gingham shirt, a tartan green tie tied together by brown suede loafers.  Worn sockless!  Swoon.


Stud in pastels.  Not only is Pierre sporting the combo of a pastel blue blazer with dusty pink, he is rocking shorts at a formal event.  The whole look was classy enough for a wedding but kept him refreshed in the 30+ degree weather.  

Simon and Hunter.

Studs in slim-fitting suits.  Both Simon and Hunter complement their handsome suits with brown shoes and brightly-coloured ties.  Topped off with hot ‘dos and shades, they couldn’t look any better.


Stud in patterns.  Vaughn wears a purple paisley tie paired with a pale blue checkered blazer.  The king of pattern mixing.  Complemented by perfectly tailored pants and great shoes, the overall look is stellar.

(Thank you to the lovely Olga and Mango Studios for the use of the above photos)


Stud in plaid.  Rich is sporting one of the season’s most wearable patterns, plaid, in a bold red and blue.  By adding this great Fred Perry coat, he looks casually cool without trying too hard.  (Then again, Rich looks cool in anything.)

(Photo care of Richard Liang)

Boys: Try to incorporate colour or patterns whenever you can.  Even if your one and only suit is black and best shirt is white, play around with your pocket square, tie and socks to add interest to your ensemble.  Trust me, women will take notice.  And when dressing casually, opt for an informal button-up shirt over a tee once in a while.

My favourite source for men’s style is Street Etiquette.  Check it out, yo.


One Comment on “Stylin’ Men”

  1. Jessica says:

    I love Rich’s take on Blue Steel.

    All my friends are babes.

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