Adventures in Bungee Jumping

I finally had a chance to get away with my boy, my sister and some friends this weekend for much needed trip to Whistler.

What I was expecting: some hiking during the day, followed by hour-long soaks in our private hottub finished with a taste of Cornucopia and some nights out on the town.

What I did: Got drunk the first night while staying in playing Taboo and spent the following two days hung over, eating junk food and watching a marathon of horrible, horrible TV (it’s so bad I can’t even say the name of the show but let’s just say its starts with Jersey and ends with licious). Our broken private  hottub broke my heart (it was kind of the whole purpose of the trip), but using the communal one had 1 perk: seeing a real live black bear stroll right by our tub from like 6 feet away. A moment I will never forget.

Another unforgettable moment was our sudden decision to plunge into a canyon from 160 feet up in the air. Although my photos aren’t exactly Tyra-esque, the experience sure was fierce (and fearless).



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