Northern Exposure

Big thanks to Ms Zovko for taking care of Superfora fans while I’ve been swamped with work for the past month. Last week was particularly interesting as I was “jet setting” through Northern BC – getting to know the region along with the opportunities and challenges entrepreneurs face. While I was stunned to find out that Tim Horton’s pays staff $25/hr  – I was equally surprised by the sound of my own footsteps echoing through the streets (I’ve been to some pretty small towns in my time and have never experienced such silence in the middle of the day). The picture below perfectly captures the feeling (taken with my iPhone in downtown Prince George, cca 5pm).


The rest of my phone shots came out a bit too dark to post, so below are a few highlights:

  • Riding on a 15 seater plane from Fort St John to Prince George (equally exciting and frightening)
  • Checking out the stunning UNBC campus (including a special guided tour of Nexterra’s Biomass Gasification System. Yes, I just said Biomass Gasification System).
  • Not having to wait in line for….ah anything really.
  • Copious amounts of Britpop being played at every restaurant/bar/café we went to (and I’m pretty sure we hit all of them)
  • Stumbling upon Croatian beer (Ozujsko pivo) at a random bar in PG.

Although it was one of the most different trips I’ve ever been on (and I pretty much felt like a character in a pseudo-documentary the whole time),  I found myself singing “Hello, hello, It’s good to be back, It’s good to be back” upon my return.


One Comment on “Northern Exposure”

  1. T says:

    It’s a good thing they posted the location of the Barber Shop on the sign as I am sure there are MANY in a town this big…hahah

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