Gunes Dericioglu’s Clever Designs

(Photo: Jess, me with a Dericioglu design and Natalia; taken by Tiyana)

Last year in Istanbul, I stumbled upon a boutique near Galata Tower that carried Gunes Dericioglu‘s incredible designs.  What I liked most about what I saw was the products’ multifunctionality; purses that served their traditional purpose while also acting as shoulder and wrist accessories (see below).  Brilliant.

Güneş Dericioğlu was born in Germany and studied Tourism and Hotel Management in Turkey.  After several painting and sculpture classes in Turkey, the U.S. and Germany, she launched her first collection, which was a collection of “wearable jewelry adapted to the human body in form and design”.  This series later expanded to include the design of sandals, shoes and handbags.

(Photos via Gunes Dericioglu’s website)
















(Photo by Natalia)

I left the boutique with a gorgeous electric blue leather shoulder accessory.  Regardless of where I wear it, I can be confident that I will be the only one, one of the first things I look for in an accessory.  And it probably does a kickass good job of making space for me in large crowds (Would you want to mess with someone wearing that?  It’s practically armour).  I love my little piece of shoulder art.


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