Sick Views

Vancouver has been experiencing a pretty sunny October this year and I’ve been documenting the rain-free skies almost daily from my apartment.  The view is hands down this pad’s biggest perk. As a result, my camera has emigrated from its year-long hibernation in the hall closet to the living room window sill for easier access.  Although landscape photography is one of my least favourite types, it at least has me shooting again.

Showing off photos of pretty views can be unforgivingly cliche and reminiscent of parents showing their travel photos via a slideshow in the basement but somehow I can’t resist sharing mine either.

A Thursday after work.  Downtown looks so small engulfed by the beautiful and massive clouds.

The gorgeous Vancouver sunset.  If I stick my head out of the window far enough, I can see the water.

Yesterday’s sunrise.  The sun bouncing off of the buildings downtown gave me hope that Monday wouldn’t suck.

The views have really been stellar this month and are rivalled only by the sunset I captured in February (below).

Now that I’ve talked extensively about my wild evenings admiring sunsets, I’m going to head over to the old age home to play bingo with the retirees as somehow my interests are more aligned with those of an 80-year old than kids my own age.  I need a cooler hobby.  If only I could stay up past 9pm.


One Comment on “Sick Views”

  1. Rhianna says:

    You’re more than welcome to join me on a nightly basis for tea and Coronation Street, as I too relish being 32 going on 72. 🙂

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