Vintage Gold

Ahhhh I have the best friends!  I received two stellar packages in the mail this week from two dear GFs.  First, a printed Vogue scarf where a fashionable lady is riding a zebra through the desert while giraffe linger in the background.  Thrifted by (my wife) Ashly, she promptly mailed it from the BC Interior even though I’m going to see her this weekend.  You may call it impatience, I call it understanding the urgency of fashion.

I can’t tell for sure what decade the scarf hails from but Simon said it reminds him of things his mom used to wear in the 80s.

I received the Patternmaking for Fashion Design book from Melissa in Philly.  She spotted it in the window of a used bookstore on her way to work shortly after I had completed my sewing class and picked it up to inspire me to make my own clothes.  So, if you see me walking around with a charmingly uneven pleated skirt, you’ll know I’ll have put the book to (somewhat) good use.

The mid-90s-style illustrations in the book are so rad.  Shoulder pads, strapless bustiers, hats…yes, yes, yes!













These pieces are like gold to me.  Thank you Mel and Ashly as well as Mikey for the lovely gifts you’ve mailed me recently!  You’re all so thoughtful; you make me feel lucky and you’ve made my apartment look way more dope.


2 Comments on “Vintage Gold”

  1. Jessica says:

    That scarf is awesome! What a find. Makes me want to hit Value Village tonight.

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