Hot Trend: Surprising Friends in Other Cities

My friends and I love to boast about our ability to pull off stellar surprises.  What differentiates our surprises from your run-of-the-mill surprise is that ours always involve intricately-planned vacations. That is, the trips themselves are the surprises.  It all started four years ago, when I flew from Vancouver to Toronto to surprise my sister on her birthday.  At 7am, unbeknownst to her, I walked into the kitchen while she was making coffee and asked her to make me one too.  She turned around slowly to face what she thought was an illusion in her head and nearly fell over when she saw me standing there.

Since then, I’ve been hooked.  Surprises have been my motive and mission.  My lovely friends, in turn, have reciprocated by ambushing me at every chance.  And so, although we are limited by money and vacation time, my friends and I have successfully pulled off at least 6 inter-city surprises in the last 1.5 years.  Our friend Muqu has dubbed our surprise trips the new hot trend of 2011.  True or not, here is what has gone down.

Surprise No. 1

March 2010.  I flew from Paris to Berlin for Luna’s birthday.  Planned in advance with Luna’s bf, Chrilson, Simon and I showed up while Luna was blow drying her hair/napping (the two can occur simultaneously only if you are Luna).  Half asleep when she answered the door, Luna thought she was dreaming when she saw me.  She cried.  Then laughed, as per below.

(Photos by Simon)
Surprise No. 2

June 2010.  I flew from Paris to Toronto for Natalia’s birthday (and other obligations in the city).  She was rushing home from work to skype with me as she thought I was still in France. While her bf Andrew waited on the street for her to arrive, Preetom and I hid in the entryway to her building. Nata’s expression is gold.

(Photo by Preetom Karim)

Surprise No. 3

November 2010.  Preeti flew from Toronto to Vancouver for work and surprised me at my apartment!  She coordinated with Simon and Rich to be the first of many to pull a fast one on me.  High five, P!

Surprise No. 4

July 2011.  Tiyana secretly flew from Toronto to New York to surprise me on my vacation with the girls.  We ate the best Vietnamese subs, got lost looking for Preeti’s favourite second-hand shop and went to awful bars.  Perfect weekend.

Surprise No. 5

August 2011.  Natalia and Andrew planned a European vacation and surprised me in Dubrovnik! Everybody was in on it from Simon to our Toronto friends to my own brothers.  The week consisted of a sailboat ride at sunset, frolicking in the Adriatic and burek.

(Photos by Simon)

Surprise No. 6

October 2011.  I flew from Vancouver to Toronto to surprise Jess, forever the suspicious one, at Natalia’s and Andrew’s apartment in Toronto.  When she saw me appear, Jess scream yelled in disbelief: “Why are you here!?”

How did this happen?”

Who knew you were coming?”

I have but one question and it is simple: Why didn’t anybody tell me I looked like a poodle that night?  Tragic.

(Photo by Natalia)

Now that this hot trend is played out and friends expect the unexpected from me, I am looking for a new way to pull off something brilliant to surprise them with.  I’ll keep you posted.


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