Simon, Rich and I hosted Olga from L.A. this weekend for our bi-annual west coast family reunion.  Rich said it best: having her here made us feel like we were on vacation too.  We had an amazing time eating and sight seeing complemented perfectly by our couch time, soft pants, real talk and a bad Mathew McConnaughey movie featuring midgets.  I only have three images from the weeekend, all brilliant and all taken by Rich.

Rich’s masterpiece.  Lighting has always been his forte.  Let the Big Love/night-time soap-related comments continue.

Highlight of our weekend: dinner at Bao Bei.  The nerdy glasses do not hide our satisfied, well-fed selves.  Nor did Rich’s attempt to boss us around interfere with our having the best time.

Olga visiting me at The Hach boutique on Sunday.  Her indoor sunglasses have nothing to do with the consumption of wine and champagne nor an early afternoon hangover.  No way.

Thanks for family times, Olgs!  And for the Snoop Dogg dog fridge magnet.  See you in 3 months…xo!


One Comment on “Olga.”

  1. chinese name says:

    I am a professional photographer with a successful studio in several countries around the world and I would just like to say that these pictures are better than any I have ever taken. Bravo.

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