Spring 2012 Runways: Spotting the Details

Although I haven’t viewed all of the collections that graced the Paris and Milan catwalks this season yet, I did catch a few earlier today.  And, what caught my eye, above all, were the tiny little details.

DSquared’s homage to Glastonbury included tassles, cut offs and even mud all along the runway. They completed the music festival feel by sending their models down the runway with bottles of beer in their hands.  Bloody perfect if you ask me.

While the models at Gucci paraded an array of outfits, from business wear to cocktail dresses, what drew my eye were the slits at the bottom of their slim-legged pants.  When done right, ankle cleavage can be super sexy.  The gold buttons are added glam.

Rick Owens’s colourless collection caused me to notice the models’ faces more than usual and my god, did he nail the Mr. T mohawk to a T (inexcusable yet uncontrollable pun).  There’s height, there’s body and there are even tight curls.

J. Mendel’s dresses were lovely but unremarkable until the coloured lining on the inside of the dresses came peaking through.  The lining’s summer-y shades, coupled with the thick black stripe, add an element of surprise that makes these dresses more memorable for me.  I would have loved to have seen more intense pops of colour or pattern, such as orange or plaid but I can appreciate the subtlety of his choices.

Although I found it difficult to connect with Libertine’s menswear spring collection, the painted eyeballs on the sneakers were a nice touch that did not go unnoticed (the abs also did not go unnoticed) (predictable jokes are my forte).  The eyeballs remind me of graffiti I saw in Istanbul and there’s nothing better than being reminded of a trip to Istanbul.

(Photos: First Row: DSquared; Second Row: Gucci; Third Row: Rick Owens; Fourth Row: J. Mendel; Fifth Row: Libertine; All photos from Style.com)


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