Noir et Blanc

You’ve already been exposed to my very amateur photos of Paris.  Now, let’s see the city of lights from the eyes of someone talented.  Street photographer Claudio Bianchi, renowned for his use of colour, his stellar composition, his ability to capture strangers up close and personal and his cut-off jean shorts, recently spent a few days in the French capital.  And he documented it entirely in black and white.  Shot using a 50mm lens, Bianchi’s photos illustrate the tender side of Paris, centering on solitude but not loneliness.

View Claudio’s complete portrait of Paris here.  For more photographic goodness, check out his vibrant images of Barcelona, Istanbul and Morocco (here and here).


3 Comments on “Noir et Blanc”

  1. laurelle says:

    What stunning photographs…beautiful beautiful beautiful. To Paris I must go.


  2. Really nice pictures 😀
    Just came back from Paris 😀 I LOVE THAT CITY!

  3. Jessica says:

    The photos are great but the shirtless Mex-ital in cutoffs is even better.

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