Debut Album Release: Twin Sister









(Photo via RockFeedback)

Brooklyn quintet Twin Sister is a dreamy, atmospheric, romantic pop band originally from Long Island.  I was fortunate enough to catch them opening for Explosions in the Sky at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver on September 9th and although it was clear that the majority of the crowd consisted of Explosions fanatics, I found Twin Sister’s performance to be more interesting, enjoyable and memorable than the headliners’.

Performing songs from their forthcoming debut full-length album In Heaven, set to drop Tuesday, September 27, as well as their 2010 EP, Color Your World, Twin Sister’s sound was fuller and more lush than I expected.  Their doll-like frontwoman Andrea Estella captured the audience with her sweet demeanor and breathy and hushed vocals.  At once adorable and mesmerizing, I was enchanted from start to finish.

One of my favourite moments of the night came when Dev Gupta (I believe) announced that the next song they were performing had been written when they were “13, 14 and 15”.  Damn.  The most impressive thing I did at 13 was piggy back my 6″4′ brother up four flights of stairs (not very impressive).

Color Your World has been on regular rotation in my home since its release in the spring of 2010 and so, I eagerly await the repetitive listens of In Heaven, which is more subdued than their previous stuff.  Until it’s released on September 27th, I’ll be streaming the album here.

Check out the video for In Heaven‘s first single, Bad Street.

And finally, listen to All Around And Away We Go, my fave from the 2010 EP, for good measure.


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