Keep it Surreal

I was pretty stoked when I heard that an exceptional surrealist exhibit was coming to Van. Finally, something worth seeing was coming to town! Plus, we had the privilege of having the Dawn Ades curated exhibit “The Colour of My Dreams: The Surrealist Revolution in Art” (aka the most comprehensive exhibition of Surrealist art ever to be shown in the country) shown exclusively at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Like many people, I promised myself I’d check out the exhibit as soon as it opened and spend the day admiring the Dalis, Miros, and Magrittes in a dream-like state.   However, by the time I finally decided to beat the crowds, the sun had bestowed itself upon us and I wasn’t about to take any chances doing indoor activities. Especially knowing that it was probably just a short spurt of luck and that it could VANish (yeah, I just did that) at any moment. And alas, so it did…

I finally had the chance to admire the exhibit a few weeks ago (with a slight buzz I might add courtesy of pre-drinks at the gorgeous Gallery Café patio), but if you haven’t gotten around to it, fear not. The exhibit has been extended to October 2nd.

Aside from the well-known artists mentioned above, you may be surprised to see First Nations art displayed – something I had not thought of in the same category as surrealism but after seeing it put into context it seemed like such an obvious point of reference. There was also a significant number of films displayed throughout the gallery including snippets from Nosferatu, Un Chien Andalou (including the unforgettable, stomach-churning scene of the eye-ball being slit with a razor), and bizarre Betty Boop cartoons.

I tried snapping some pics of the work but got reprimanded by the very alert gallery staff – so it looks like you’ll have to go check it out yourself. Don’t forget, Tuesdays after 5pm admission is by donation. The extra change will definitely come in handy at the gift shop.

Dali’s magnificent desk.


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