My Mainsies’ Manes

I’m seeing my lovely hairstylist on Saturday and while I’m contemplating what to try next, I’m finding myself looking to my girlfriends for inspiration rather than those annoying Hollywood starlets who are usually the subject of hair envy.  So, I’ve collected five amazing hairstyles, worn by my equally amazing mainsies.  If I weren’t surrounded by highly talented and super hot friends, I don’t know what I’d write about on this blog.

Tiyana and Luna.  Long waves with all over layers.  Wear with wavy or longer side-swept bangs. Add blond tips for extra gazes.  Tiyana and Luna pull off effortlessly cool here…the shades, the outfits and the sailboat ride at dusk solidify it.  Sport this beachy look well into fall if you want to give off a carefree summer vibe because you can’t pull off short shorts when it’s cold out.

(Photos by Lindsay Haeber)

Ashly.   Always sporting a seriously lusty do, short or long, Ashly even looks gorg when roadtripping.  The perfect length of bangs, chestnut hair and face-framing layers make this look sexy yet attainable.  The subtle curls in the front are a must. 

Tomica.  Short in the back and sides, long in the front.  Try this ‘do if you’re looking for a dramatic change but you want something fresher than a pixie cut.  The chunkier the side-swept bang, the better.  This look works best if you have thick, straight hair.  

(Photos of Tomica taken by me on our lunch break)

Natalia.   Deep side part.  If you have a simple haircut, go extreme with your side part to add interest to your mane.  I’ll let Natalia tell you herself how rich and thick and beautiful her shiny, naturally curly hair is…

(Photos of Nata taken by me in New Orleans)


3 Comments on “My Mainsies’ Manes”

  1. haha I was just thinking how I might tell our hairdresser to make my lions mane look more like yours…

  2. Rhianna says:

    I think it’s the beautiful faces and clear joy that makes these manes so magnificent! I heart this post.
    Love love love Tiyana’s ombre, which looked amazing on Marilyn the other day.
    Tomica’s cut makes me weak at the knees. It also makes me me think of my mainsie, Jess, who rocks a similar style in a rockin red:

    Oh, but the bangs. I’m in the beginning of growing mine out, and this makes me want to pick up a pair of scissors…

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