Get Low

Like armies of other women, I have an overwhelming love for all things animal print.  Although I’d jump for most pieces with an interesting pattern, there’s something about footwear in particular that makes a played-out pattern feel fresh.  For example, a striped shirt can be very nice but it will rarely be as lust-worthy as striped heels.  For about a year now, I’ve been lusting over various animal print or skin shoes and now I’m going to force you to look at pictures of them.

First there were the Alexander Wang leopard print pony haired heels from his Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.  Beyond my budget but so pretty to look at.  Even with gray grandma socks.  Especially with gray grandma socks.

(Image via Fashion Zen)

Then, in May, I stumbled upon these gorgeous Surface to Air snakeskin loafers (below) at their Paris flagship.  They look unbelievable in real life.  I can imagine rocking these with a slim white pantsuit, channeling Johnny Depp in Blow.  Or, a collar shirt tucked into high-waisted shorts.  Or, a flowery sundress.  Despite the gravitational pull they exercised on me this past spring, I managed to resist mostly because I already own a pretty solid pair of everyday shoes.

(Image via Les Nouvelles)

Earlier this week, my very fashionable friend Tarah wore the amazing Zara booties below at work and, it immediately became quite clear to me that I need to own a pair too.  Stat.

(Image via Zara Canada)

So, now that you’ve been privy to the recent history of my adoration of animal print shoes, you are set to start your weekend, right?  Right.  Peace.


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