Oh, David

Facebook ads can be freakishly fitting.  Not that I’m endorsing them – at all. But as someone who turns the channel as soon as a commercial comes on (during those rare moments of real-time TV), can beat a pop-up by clicking the X before it has completed its imposition across the computer screen, and has a trained eye that can simply block out all ads from her peripheral vision at will, I was quite surprised to have noticed an ad on my Facebook page announcing that one of my favourite contemporary writers was coming to Vancouver. Mr. David Sedaris.  I don’t know how Facebook knew (although I do recall liking a comment from a friend mentioning Sedaris, Eggers and Wilde – three of my personal faves), but I did appreciate the heads up. Just stop creeping on me please.

I remember falling in love with Sedaris during my first encounter with his writing – while reading his collection of essays “Naked”. The book was laugh-out-loud funny (literally – I’d even get odd stares from crazy people on the bus who talked to themselves. I guess laughing to yourself is a notch up on the cooky-meter) and had me immediately grabbing everything else he’d written just to keep him in my life. Through his books, I feel like I’ve gotten to know his siblings, hate his employers, develop a strange fascination with his mother and thoroughly sympathize with his partner. What I love most about his writing is his ability to describe even the mundane things in life in such an entertaining way, that is stretched only slightly so that you still believe it to be completely possible:

“In Paris the cashiers sit rather than stand. They run your goods over a scanner, tally up the price, and then ask you for exact change. The story they give is that there aren’t enough euros to go around. “The entire EU is short on coins.” 

                                                            David Sedaris, When You are Engulfed in Flames

The great Mr Sedaris will dazzle us in Vancouver Saturday, November 5 at 8:00pm at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts (other tour dates here). The only thing I’m bummed about is the $55 fee. What are the chances of Facebook putting an ad on David’s page suggesting he comp my ticket? Unlikely I’m afraid, but I’ll keep you posted.

Remember to bring your umbrella David!


One Comment on “Oh, David”

  1. Heather says:

    As Facebook hasn’t stalked me enough to send me the same ad, I have to thank you for bringing this to my attention! Can’t wait! The price does stink, though.

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