Spreading the Love

SpreadTheLuv is the brainchild of Zu Szlachcic, one of my all-time favourite people.  An ever-expanding, multi-city project, SpreadTheLuv came to life in Berlin on Valentine’s Day when Zu and her friend Kat posted flirty messages around the city in the form of tear-off notes.  Zu hopes that by making available amorous messages such as “Sleepover!” and “You Should Call Me”, people will use them as stepping stones for hooking up.  For those who prefer not to wear their boner on their sleeve, less aggressive messages have been posted as well, which are meant to be used to simply compliment one another sans ulterior motive.  Designed to help the shy and awkward, SpreadTheLuv’s charming messages are an easy way to demonstrate feelings or intentions to recipients without all the usual painfully awkward conversation.

Throughout the year, Zu has partnered with various friends to spread the love in Budapest, New York City and Toronto.  Once a city is hit, photos are posted on SpreadTheLuv.  In the near future, volunteers around the world will be able to participate in this love fest by posting their own tear-off messages or downloading pre-made pdfs from the SpreadTheLuv website.  Photos may be sent directly to the SpreadTheLuv website for eventual publication.

The flyers are free of branding and they serve as an alternate platform for relationship building in an electronic-obsessed era.  The next city on Zu’s hit list is Montreal.  Later this month, I plan on volunteering to spread the love in Vancouver, Dubrovnik and Sarajevo because at the end of the day, I’m just a hippie who wants everyone to get along.

(SpreadTheLuv photos)


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