Have a hoot at the Electric Owl!

Remember when a date used to consist of an elegant dinner accompanied by a live crooner performance and slow dancing at a respectable distance? Neither do I (although my grandmother did speak fondly of the times). Well Vancouver’s bringing a modern twist to dining and dancing and you’ll find it at the Electric Owl. The izakaya inspired menu offers traditional Japanese staples and a few fusion items (try the Owl Poutine with teriyaki gravy!), sake spiked bubble tea, and plenty of room to boogie. And the live entertainment can’t be beat. Just last night I checked out the Sumo Wrestling Tournament (the very thought might make our ancestors roll in their graves, but I sure had a laugh) followed by a DJ performance. A few other events not to be missed:

Doom Squad +  the Red Hot Icicles Burning on Fire: TONIGHT @9:30PM.

The Red Hot Icicles Burning on Fire are my dear friends and sure to get you grooving. Check out their track Electric, a fitting title for the venue in which they shall perform this evening. Get there early and grab some grub!

TEDXSTRATHCONA:  August 7 @ 6PMDiscovering Unity: Technology, Art, and Science

In case you haven’t caught on, Superfora has been inspired many times by the TED talks (as they have been the topic of several posts by both Sandra and I). It’s very exciting to see that we have one coming up in Van, where three speakers will discuss novel ways of expressing the underlying unity between technology, art, and science. One of the speakers is the designer of the mechanical Mono Spider (you know the one) and also happens to be my former housemate! Now that’s something my grandmother would never have been able to say.

2 Comments on “Have a hoot at the Electric Owl!”

  1. nuggs says:

    what. is. a. mono spider!

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