Views from a Balcony in NYC’s Chinatown

Having just spent the long weekend in New York City with my girls, I wonder why I thought it was such a good idea to chest bump every single guy I met.

While I contemplate the effectiveness of chest bumps in NYC, there is no need to contemplate the following:

  1. Never take bar recommendations from your former barista from Toronto
  2. Warm Up Saturdays at PS1 is where all the cute girls are at
  3. Saigon’s Vietnamese subs in Chinatown are so worth the hype
  4. If you walk by a restaurant with a taco truck in it, eat lunch there
  5. Hoping a gold leather skirt your friend is trying on doesn’t fit her so you can snatch it up and buy it is totally OK
  6. At any average Chinese restaurant turned scene-y bar you hit, you will feel like the background extras from an episode of How to Make it in America (but not the main characters) (no matter how many chest bumps you attempt that night) (probably because of your stupid chest bumps)
  7. Yelling “MY JAM!” every time a song you like comes on at an eating establishment is kiiiinda possessive but totally adorable
  8. The hostess with the self-bedazzled Keds at La Esquina was our biggest girl crush of the weekend
  9. Only Jess knows where all the cool places are
  10. There is no guest list
I just uploaded my trip photos to realize I pulled my camera out exactly once…when I was alone in a Chinatown apartment enjoying the stellar views from its balcony.  Only four made the cut:


One Comment on “Views from a Balcony in NYC’s Chinatown”

  1. Katie says:

    Jess always knows!!

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