Driving Ms Divic

After 32 years of relying on others to drive me around, avoiding to ever be designated driver and sleeping comfortably in the back seat during road trips (or hey, even trips to the corner store, you all know how quickly I doze when in motion) the day has finally arrived. I GOT MY DRIVER’S LICENSE!

Despite living through the embarrassment of repeatedly reminding my employers that I was sans license for years (I’m sure that getting me a driver last minute wasn’t cheap, although I thoroughly enjoyed the VIP treatment) and pleading with kids I used to babysit to give me a ride to the beach (thanks Tat!) I was really in no rush to get behind the wheel. But I figured it was better to at least have the skill should I ever find myself in the situation of having to give Liam or Noel a lift (apparently neither Gallagher brother has a license).

Thanks to everyone who put up with driving Ms Divic over the years. I am well aware that it’s payback time. And I look forward to embarking upon my own License to Drive adventures ala Corey Haim (RIP my dear) and Feldman circa 1988!

PS Dear IMDB voters. What’s with the 5.7 rating? If memory serves me correctly that movie ruled. The cheesy 80’s lover in me is upset and you don’t want to make a new driver upset.



2 Comments on “Driving Ms Divic”

  1. Heather says:

    Congratulations!!! (Sorry, was travelling and am just now catching up on my google reader). So happy for you!

  2. atomically says:

    Thanks Heather! Let me know when you want to go for a ride! xo

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