The Yard

The Movie Network and Movie Central teamed up to create a six-episode miniseries called The Yard. This Canadian mockumentary cleverly explores adult themes through the lives of elementary school kids in the schoolyard.  Premiering on HBO Canada Friday, July 8th, the first episode touched on the economy (including the underground economy of pb&j sandwiches), debt, popularity and power struggles.

Nick is the leader of the yard and is responsible for maintaining peace and stability on a daily basis.  His gang is rounded out by Suzi, the muscle, JJ, the brains, Adam, his kid brother, and Johnny, the loyal friend.  We learn in episode one that the financial system of the yard is based on trading cards, most recently Jujimon cards.  In this barter economy, all kids are aware of the price of goods, from 2 Jujimon cards for a plate of fries to 15 Jujimon cards for a porno magazine.  Kids become popular by winning Jujimon cards at recess and others fall into food debt in exchange for these cards.  But the system works.
This miniseries is smart, funny and uses a fairly new setting for a played-out theme.  Suzi, aka “the muscle” is my favourite but all characters are pretty hilarious in their own way.  I highly recommend you watch it.  If you don’t have HBO, come on over to my yard.
(Image via HBO Canada)

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