Tolerable Love Ballads

A few weeks ago, I spent my evening listening to cheesy Croatian love ballads while sewing curtain panels for the living room.  Since the curtain panels *still aren’t finished (*months later), I’m going to torture you by writing about the Croatian love ballads instead.  To my credit, I don’t listen to love ballads in any other language.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to put a cool spin on this post.  I can’t.  It’s not cool.  My favourite Croatian singer is Oliver, who is 63.  What is cool is that, even at his age, he speaks to several generations and he still sells out stadiums, from what I understand.  And he is known by only his first name.

The reason I enjoy his cheesy, corny love songs can be summed up in one word: nostalgia.  They remind me of driving around Croatian beach towns as a teen with my cousin, named Oliver coincidentally, happy dancing in the kitchen with my mom and bonding with my hilarious uncle.  The feeling of nostalgia is also what I experience when I hear this and this and this.  I loved these songs as a teen but I have no way of objectively knowing whether they are actually good songs or not.  It doesn’t matter though because I’ll listen to them regardless.

Here is Oliver performing at the Pula Arena, an intact Roman colosseum in Northwestern Croatia. (Cool)

He wears a single hoop earring in his left ear (Attempt to be Cool) (Not Cool)

The song title translates to “who am I to judge you?”  You can certainly judge me for putting this song up on the blog.

The following song is Kad Mi Dodjes Ti, which means “when you come to me”.  A woman in a hot dress stars in this video:

There you have it.  If you mentally compared Oliver’s songs to Celine Dion’s, we are no longer friends.


One Comment on “Tolerable Love Ballads”

  1. Tatyana says:

    Oh I am also guilty of listening to Kad Mi Dodjes Ti on youtube! And let’s not forget Dva Put San Umra…

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