Top British Songs About America

As millions of Americans celebrate their independence from the Brits today, I thought it fitting to list a few of my favourite tunes about America, sung by the Brits. I would have put together a similar post in celebration of Canada Day last Friday, but for some reason I can’t think of too many songs the Brits have sung about Canada and that just happens to be the criteria today (and almost every day – still not quite over my Brit pop phase).

Anyroad, here we go!

Razorlight, America

Blur, Miss America

David Bowie, This is Not America (sha la la la la)

PJ Harvey, This Glorious Land (sorry, still slightly obsessed. Although my attempt to learn how to play this song resulted in a pinched nerve and numb thumb for 3 weeks. I am so out of shape. But Numb Thumb might just be the new name for my band-to-be…)

Supertramp, Breakfast in America (Random, I know!)

Happy 4th of July y’all!


2 Comments on “Top British Songs About America”

  1. Jesse says:

    Terrible youtube video version, but I do believe that this is the best song written by a Brit about America. (I know I’m late to the party!)


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