How to Mail a High-5

The legislation that sent postal workers back to work last week benefited me immediately; I received a high-5 in the mail the day after they resumed delivery service.  My charming and clever friend Preetom sent me Madonna-circa-1980 black lace gloves, one of which was still on the cardboard hand cut-out it was sold on.  Hence the literal high-5.  The gesture was meant as a thank you for a card I crafted for her 10 years ago using decoupaged Vice magazine boner pictures.

With a lovely note and a hilarious concept, snail mail doesn’t get any better than this.

Thanks, Preetom!


One Comment on “How to Mail a High-5”

  1. The PK says:

    You must be my lucky star and you shine on me wherever you are, I just think of you and I start glow….”Madonna”
    Now how do I snail mail you the infamous ‘Madonna’ kick?

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