Lanvin – Resort 2012

I shouldn’t be surprised that Lanvin’s 2012 Resort Collection did little to conjure images of relaxation and vacation casual for me.  It is Lanvin afterall.  A collection of luxe, beautiful pieces, it doesn’t communicate poolside comfort but I bet you still want all of it for your next jaunt, whether it be to the Mediterranean, the Gulf Islands or the BBQ in your neighbourhood park.  The deep fuchsia bathing suit, arguably the most practical piece of the bunch, looks like it’s worth more than my right arm (and I’m right handed).

Now tell me, how do you feel about the plaid shorts and loose fitting tee you planned on wearing during your summer vacation?  Not so hyped I’m sure.  All photos are via


2 Comments on “Lanvin – Resort 2012”

  1. I absolutely adored this collection! But I’d have to disagree, Elbaz’s work was very functional.

    • Sandra says:

      You’re right; a lot of the pieces are loose fitting and light weight. And I would wear the gold silk fringe dress daily if I could. But when I’m in a beach town, I don’t see myself reaching for a fur stole or lame.

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