Istanbul the Great

Friends everywhere are whispering about their return from, their upcoming trip to or desire to experience Istanbul.  The 2010 European Capital of Culture certainly deserves all of the hype. Overwhelming, intriguing and lively, here is a pictorial taste of my visit last summer.

The square beside the New Mosque.  Street vendors, kids and pigeons abound.

New Mosque stair action.

Communal washing, communal faith.  Water taps beside the entrance to the New Mosque.

Drinking apple tea at a cafe under the Galata bridge.  Totally shitty view of the New Mosque, I know.

Dead trees/living trees.

Men at work in Tunel.

These graffiti fists were everywhere.  In Berlin too.  Whenever I see them, I mentally hear Seinfeld angrily saying “Newman!” while shaking his fist.  The clever artist is Kripoe, who hails from Berlin.

Istiklal Road.  I took 15 pictures of this man, with various other people in the frame.  Him admiring this pretty miss was my fave. (Newman!)











Little girl hanging out with her family; lovely lady alone on the ferry.

Our ferry companion along the Bospherous Straight.

Outfit envy in Beyoglu.

A quiet Sunday morning on the usually packed Istiklal Road.

At Galata Tower.  Simon snapped this while I was…shopping.  Ugh.  It’s the shot I’ll forever wish I took. It looks like she just stepped out from the shadows to reveal herself and her baby.  Or her similarly-shaped bundle of dirty laundry?

I can’t believe I dedicated an entire post to Istanbul without advising on its street food.  EAT ALL OF IT!  Then tell me what you think of the kumpir.


One Comment on “Istanbul the Great”

  1. Rhianna says:

    Such wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

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