Museum of Broken Relationships

One of the most awkward things anyone has to go through MUST be the post-break-up separation of assets. Do you call your ex to return his/her graphic T–shirts, vinyl collection and futon? Do you set everything on fire and watch it turn to ashes? Or do you donate the remains to an art exhibit?

The Museum of Broken Relationships encourages you to do the latter. Conceptualized by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić, former lovers whose relationship went sour, the exhibit offers a creative outlet to overcome emotional destruction and includes everything from wedding dresses and uncorked bottles of champagne to cell phones and prosthetic legs.

The Museum of Broken Relationships has toured internationally and the items donated by the heartbroken often reflect the cultures they come from.  There is a permanent exhibit now in Zagreb, Croatia, although the Museum continues to tour the world and solicit items to add to the exhibit (join here). It even has a virtual collection full of post-break up digital photographs, emails and text messages:

 “I came by to see you last night but you were out like a light. Your head was on the floor and the rats were playing pool with your eyeballs.” Narayana

The Museum of Broken Relationships was granted the Kenneth Hudson Award at the European Museum of the Year Awards last month in Germany, for the most unusual, daring and controversial achievement that challenges common perceptions of the role of museums in society. You can view some of the exhibit items below. Yes, that is an AXE mounted on the wall.

(all images taken from Museum of Broken Relationships website)


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