Michael Jackson Cereal Box Art: Part II

On the same day that I blogged about Mikey’s MJ Cereal Box art, I received a set of his four prints in the mail (thanks Mikey!).  Picking up black frames and white mats to display them properly, I hung them in our kitchen over the weekend.  To create some contrast, I painted a teal rectangle on our kitchen wall, allowing for a 10-centimeter border around the set of frames.

Turned out dope:

Hey lazies: If you’re looking to add some interest to a wall but don’t want to paint it in its entirety (it’s a bitch, I know), painting only a section of it may be the optimal solution for you.  All you need are sick prints, paint that pops (fuchsia, lime green, neon orange), masking tape, a few hours of your time and chill beats.


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