Let England Shake

I feel a pang of guilt every time I catch a glimpse of my guitar from the corner of my eye and see all the dust settling over it. That thing was meant to be played and I’ve neglected it – badly. I just haven’t felt that inspired to rock out lately (and my lately has actually dragged on for a few years now…).

But all that changed when I started listening to PJ Harvey’s new album “Let England Shake”. It immediately made me want to pick up my Yamaha and strum along to the soothing melodies you’ll want to float in forever.

The album has received the highest accolades by critics and fans alike.  Mojo Magazine has called it “an uncannily timeless piece of work”; it’s the only album on NME’s list of top 50 albums of 2011 so far to receive a 10/10 rating; and my friend Scott (who probably has the best taste in music out of anyone I know) has said, and I quote, “I feel like a high school lesbian being so stoked on this new album”.

PJ Harvey will be touring Europe in July so if you’re planning a Euro vacation make going to one of her shows a top priority. And if you’re too broke to go anywhere get drunk and max out your credit card by booking a ticket to London for the ATP festival (July 23rd and 24th) featuring PJ Harvey, Portishead, Griderman (PJ’s ex Nick Cave), Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Beach House, Caribou and many, many more. You can thank me later.

Until then, enjoy these tunes…

My favourite track on the new album: The Glorious Land

And an oldie but goodie: Good Fortune


3 Comments on “Let England Shake”

  1. scott says:

    You may have just inspired me to replace my rusty strings.

  2. […] Harvey, This Glorious Land (sorry, still slightly obsessed. Although my attempt to learn how to play this song resulted in a pinched nerve and numb thumb for 3 weeks. I am so out of shape. But Numb Thumb might […]

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