Concert Announcement: TORO Y MOI

TORO Y MOI, aka the uniquely talented Chaz Bundick, is gracing Vancouver with his presence again on September 29th.  The upcoming performance at Venue is in further support of his second studio album, Underneath the Pine, released in February.  His spring tour, which I missed, rolled through Vancouver on March 28th.  I eff up but I’m not making that mistake twice.  Underneath the Pine is shaping up to be my favourite album of 2011 not to mention the perfect chilling out album of the summer.

For those of you who missed the spring show in Toronto, he’s playing the Opera House on September 18th.  GO.  Or I’ll kick you in the shins.

Here’s why:

(Photo via Soundlogik)

Tickets are $17.50 each plus service charges at Red Cat Records (Main and 27th).

PS. Happy Birthday, Nata!!  Love you so much.


One Comment on “Concert Announcement: TORO Y MOI”

  1. DP says:

    the philly show was dope, i’m down.

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