Museum of Me

Growing up, I always had these visions of grandeur for myself. I’d see a dollar bill (yes, dollar bill. The Loonie wasn’t introduced until the late 80’s, remember?) and think to myself: huh, one day my face will be on one of these. Or I’d make the elementary school track team and suddenly envision myself setting world records, my interviews being broadcast all over the world. Or after learning in religion class about some angel appearing before some person who’d later become a saint I’d start looking over my shoulder at night praying: oh great, please don’t let that one happen to me. Before I embarrass myself any further, I think you get the idea that I thought I was meant for something big…

Although none of my prophecies came true (yet, you still might see my face gracing the pages of TIME or The Enquirer one day…) it doesn’t mean that I still can’t have a museum dedicated to… ah… me.

How can this be possible, you wonder? Well yesterday my sister (hi Kiks!) introduced me to a pretty cool new tool by Intel called the Museum of Me. The site simply connects to your Facebook page and then takes you on a virtual tour of a museum with rooms dedicated to – yourself.  They’ve even thought of adding visitors admiring the displays of your life to add to your popularity (kind of like a rent-a-friend)!

Try it out for yourself. It’s almost creepy how quickly it puts together a memorial-like tribute to yourself. But why wait ‘til you’re dead to celebrate your awesomeness? Pretty self-indulgent but hey, I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me.

Museum Entrance

My friends

My pictures

Words from my wall

My likes and videos (love that Pulp made it into my museum!)

And one of those cool collages that turns into an image of you (I always wanted one of those…)


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