My Best Score

Tomica and I have noticed some pretty interesting search terms leading guests to our site of late (e.g. fisting, double fisting, fisting in Paris).  Unintended double meanings can be quite amazing, can’t they?

But back to the subject of this post.  Last year in Istanbul, I bought a cute pair of tricoloured lace-up shoes (above) on Istiklal Road (below), the lively main drag where locals and tourists alike go to see and be seen.

(Istaklal Road, Istanbul, 2010)

Oxford type shoes were the footwear of choice for many and the shoe compliments started right away: in the hotel restaurant as we ate breakfast the next morning, the waitress who poured my coffee asked me where I scored them.

Since then, they’ve been garnering more attention than any piece of clothing I’ve ever owned.  When I am wearing them, I rarely make eye contact with another set of eyes on the streets of Vancouver as walkers by are too busy looking down.  There is no way to exaggerate that fact.  These shoes average nearly one compliment a day.  And compliments come from every demographic: an old man at Costco, a 20-something year old girl chasing me down Main street, dude in my apartment building elevator.  A hostess at a restaurant in Gastown knew what neighbourhood I live in based on a memory of having seen my shoes as she biked by me one afternoon.  She didn’t mention remembering my face though.

These shoes give me so much street cred, I don’t know why I didn’t take better care of them. Scuffed beyond repair, I really was an idiot to have worn them in the endless Vancouver rain. Luckily, my friend Rhianna just went on a three-week stint to Turkey and guess what she brought back for me?


4 Comments on “My Best Score”

  1. iva says:

    a great find sandra! didn’t see anything like this original on the istaklal road. i noticed the same effect when i wear my petroleum blue flats charged with yellow and grey. got soaked in the rain too, but without a backup on the horizon…;(

  2. Melanie says:

    Awesome shoes. Of course they’d be noticed all the time. I wish you got them somewhere slightly closer to home. Istanbul is really too far to go for a pair of shoes. 😉

  3. Jessica says:

    If I go to Turkey, I am buying these for sure. Then we will wear our Lanvin dresses, bow headbands and matching shoes at the same time.

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