Faces of NOLA

Less than 2 months after Sandra returned from her trip to New Orleans, I embarked upon an excursion of my own (courtesy of my amazing boyfriend who never ceases to amaze and surprise me). If my fate is to follow hers I should be in Paris by July.

Aside from taking in all the sights and sounds and devouring the amazing food (I once read that in New Orleans even the air is caloric, which I can absolutely attest to), one of my favourite things to do when traveling is meeting and talking to the locals in order to get a “real” sense of a place. And you can bet your bottom dollar a place like New Orleans has its fair share of characters and stories unlike anywhere else in the world.

Those that left an impression on me include a cab driver who told us how he spent eight days on his roof during Katrina, a lonely bar owner who explained how most of the other bars on his block had to shut down (while offering us pickled pig lips), and a woman who had to move to Texas but keeps coming back to her old neighbourhood po’ boy shop to stock up on a special roast beef sandwich you simply can’t get anywhere else.

I could only take a mental photo of those folks, but here are a few other faces we did manage to capture while roaming the streets of NOLA:

(photos by Nikola Jurlina and Tomica Divic)


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