Wearable Art – Mama Zovko Sweaters

Although knitting has been revived in the last 5 or so years, I rarely see knitted garments that compare to the interesting and whacky sweaters I was exposed to throughout my childhood.  My very talented, colour-loving mom knitted hundreds upon hundreds of sweaters, many of which I was lucky enough to inherit.  I consider some of my favourite ones (above) to be pieces of art, my mom’s needles her paint brushes.  And although I’m undeniably biased, I’ve been approached by perfect strangers who have told me the same.

Granola and beige apparently were not part of my mom’s knitting vocabulary.  From colour blocking to mixing yarns of different textures, her creativity surprises me. Growing up, I always questioned her use of sparkly or multi-coloured yarn but I later learned to appreciate it.  When my sister and I looked through my mom’s belongings, I was immediately drawn to the dramatic knits and am happy my mom had the guts to stand out.

In an effort to celebrate my mom’s talents, my girlfriends and I staged a photo shoot two years ago, each of us wearing one of her creations (below).  Who agrees that Luna looks like a total rock star in the red and gray geometric number?  The experience was amazing and my girls are awesome for setting it up…thanks girls!

And thanks mom.  Another astounding thing for me to remember you by.

Photographer: Mikey De Pippo (group photos)

Models: Preetom Karim, Natalia Grosner, Sarah Weir, Jessica Roberts, Tiyana Grulovic, Preeti Torul, Luna Simic, Cathy Leblanc, Olga Sajkowski and me.

Photographer: Claudio Bianchi (image of me fake modelling)


5 Comments on “Wearable Art – Mama Zovko Sweaters”

  1. Nata says:

    Great post Sandreeze

  2. Katie says:

    Love it Gemelli! I’m so jealous that I missed that classic photo shoot. You ladies are so hot.

  3. ashlyfrances says:

  4. […] ways on how she could add more colour and style to her space. Having recently visited the blog Superfora, written by the ever so stylish duo Sandra & Tomica, I immediately suggested she delve into […]

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