Love Your Moms

(Yelena Divic: Self-portrait)

We shouldn’t need a Mother’s Day to remember our moms and think of all the reasons we love and appreciate them. But we might need a little nudge to tell them that we do.

Here are but a few reasons why I adore my mom. She:

  • looks better in her 60s than most people do in their 30s and has a sense of fun and adventure people half her age are envious of
  • taught her daughters all about classical music when they were little and then asks them to put on some Arcade Fire when she visits them for Easter
  • knew all about the Oasis vs Blur feud and could tell the difference between the Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy in the 90s
  • called me Justin Beiber when I got my hair cut
  • is so involved with her children’s lives that she stays up to date with all of our interests (see above), and passed on to us her thirst for knowledge, appreciation for art and culture, sense of humor, good heart and really good genes
  • supports her kids no matter what and gives them the confidence to believe that they can do anything and are worth everything
  • can make everything better with a single phone call
  • can turn the worst imaginable situation into something positive and fun
  • showed us by example how to make limoncello when life gives us lemons
  • is a super talented artist who other than giving her daughters the gift of life, gives them the gift of immortality by capturing them in wonderful portraits

(My birthday present this year. You can see more of Yelena’s artwork here:

My mom is simply one of the most fabulous people I know. She gives me the inspiration and courage to be the best person I can be, and the unconditional love and support when I cannot.

I love you mama. Happy Mother’s Day!!!


3 Comments on “Love Your Moms”

  1. Maja says:

    If this didn’t make her eyes water (and mine) …
    Big hug to Jelena, an amazing lady!

  2. Heather says:

    ummm, holy crap. That’s amazing! Watery eyes got in the way of reading! I am totally inspired to paint now!

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