Dustinland’s Croatian Vacation

While my co-blogger is living it up in Paris this week (according to her Facebook status we’ll have to drag her back to Vancouver kicking and screaming) I’m left with merely daydreams about a European vacation. Due to familial ties, my Euro trips consist mostly of visiting family and friends in Croatia and I feel pretty fortunate that the place I’m obligated to visit is so damn beautiful. Since I’m admittedly biased, it’s always nice to hear an outsider’s perspective on how awesome Croatia truly is.

Today that outsider is Dustin Glick, who pretty much summed the place up with this comic strip. Note that he didn’t go in the summertime, otherwise the strip would have been packed with images of beaches, jet-setters and nude Czech toursits.

Dustinland’s Croatian Vacation by Dustin Glick.

What are you waiting for? Book your ticket now! I wanna go so baaad….


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