Ahhhhmazing Photographer: Lunicorn

Photographer Luna Simic (aka Lunicorn) is known for her very unique aesthetic.  Her work has been described as a creepy fairytale in which we all wish we could live.  She is drawn to all that is unnatural, unthinkable, different or disturbing.  She once edited a photo of me in which she replaced my belly button with a nipple and arranged my shoulder blades and spine on my chest.  (No, I’m not going to post the photo here) (I might email it to you though)  While her work tends toward the weird and creepy, Luna herself is beyond cool and extremely likeable.  Think Chloe Sevigny not Morticia Addams.  Luna sees the world in rainbows, can make you laugh until your cheeks ache and has a perspective unlike anybody else’s.

To top it off, she always wears the best shoes and nailpolish colours.

(Model: Dr. Chris Cho; Background: Charité anatomy studies building)

The photographs included in this post make up Luna’s most recent project.  For it, she sculpted heads using super sculpey material, photographed them from various angles then digitally altered them by adding the facial features of her photographed subjects.  After having created everything from hair blowing in the wind (drawn strand by strand) to cheekbones and ears, Luna added a backdrop to complete each image.  This process was lengthy and required detailed precision.   The scenes she created are flawless making for a finished product that is both unquestionably appealing and thought provoking.

What was she hoping to achieve with this photo series?  “Simply put, I want to make something that I like.  If I am happy to have it up on my wall, then I am happy with the end result.”

(Model Elisabeth Moch; Background Sweden)

(Model Luna Simic; Background Cuba)

For more of Luna’s incredible work, visit her website Lunaland.


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