Take a Walk through the Park

The holidays can be tough when your family is scattered in 4 different cities, but luckily a bit of “home” came to visit me in Vancouver for Easter (hi mom!). Nevertheless, this just made me feel more nostalgic about the things we used to do as a whole family on lovely spring days, like piling up in the car to visit James Gardens in Toronto where we would wander around the beautiful flowerbeds and watch new brides fight over photo opp spots. My sisters and I even made up a song about the place, which basically consisted of repeating the words “Gardens, James Gardens” over and over again. It had all the makings of a killer pop song.

While no place can replace this spot from my childhood, I have found the next best thing right here in Vancouver: Queen Elizabeth Park.  It’s truly magnificent and provides the perfect environment for a walk down memory lane. Here are a few highlights from a recent sunny day.

Wander through the cherry blossom-lined streets on your way to the park.

Watch ducks mate (these two were literally just humping before the picture was taken and then suddenly pretended like they didn’t even know each other. Typical.).

Stop for a breather in a spectacular green oasis.

See stunning views of the city and snow-topped mountains.

And if the weather prevents you from taking a leisurely stroll through the gardens, you can always visit the Bloedel Conservatory for a tropical escape filled with exotic birds and plants for a mere 5 bucks.

There’s no place like home, but I’m glad I found something close to it.

Happy Easter Monday!


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