From Jamie Beck To You – Animated Photographs

It appears that art is following in the footsteps of many magazines and newspapers, discarding tangible versions of itself to be available solely on the Internet.  New York photographer Jamie Beck teamed up with motion graphics artist Kevin Burg to create cinemagraphs, mostly-still photographs with subtle hints of animation.  A cinemagraph is a piece of artwork, created as a gif file, that is viewed through a computer monitor, no frames or art galleries required. Keeping the animation in each image to a minimum allows the viewer to continue to see the artwork as photographs, first and foremost, rather than videos.

From reflections of New York taxi cabs to models walking down the runway at NY Fashion Week to a shin-length skirt blowing in the wind, Beck and Burg select the perfect items to animate for a subtle yet effective impact.  Ironically, it’s their subtle use of the animation technique that ultimately makes these photographs pop.  Included below are a photo of a woman in a red hat whose windblown hair is caressing her face as well as a photo series taken inside Coco Rocha‘s apartment, featuring the Canadian supermodel at her best.  Sexy sexy sexy.

For more images that will at once wow you and cause you to rethink traditional photography, visit Ms. Beck’s blog From Me To You.

(Image above: Model unknown; Photographer: Jamie Beck; Motion Graphics Artist: Kevin Burg)

(Next three images: Photographer: Jamie Beck; Motion Graphics Artist: Kevin Burg; Model: Coco Rocha)


4 Comments on “From Jamie Beck To You – Animated Photographs”

  1. theheiser says:

    If this guy can figure out a way to get these photos out of the virtual world and on my wall I would buy one.

  2. amazing 😀 love them sooo cool

  3. Olgs says:

    This is so Harry Potter! (I’m a nerd).

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