The Talents of Mikey De Pippo – MJ Cereal Box Art

Everybody has that one friend who is perfect; brilliant in personality, talent and humour.  (Ahem, not to brag but I have several.)  I’ve already told you about the amazing work created by a few of my female mainsies but I have yet to venture into male territory.  So.  Allow me tell you about Mikey De Pippo.

Mikey is a 360 Art Director and Designer in Toronto.  Employed by a big advertising firm, which will remain nameless, he’s worked on campaigns for American Express, Kraft, Canada Post and IBM. His design style is youthful, creative and fun.  What impresses me most about Mikey though (aside from his stunning good looks) (can I mention again how good looking this boy is?) is the work he creates on his own time.  Addicted to cartoon figures from an early age, he draws cartoon portraits of his favourite people and has even developed one into a children’s book.  There is nothing Mikey can’t do.

A recent project of Mikey’s combines his love of both vintage cereal box art and Michael Jackson. “Inspired by the fun, simple sophistication of vintage cereal box art from the 1960s & 70s”, Mikey layers nostalgia on top of nostalgia by adding cartoon portraits of legendary Michael Jackson looks to a household staple everyone can relate to.  Who doesn’t remember staring at a cereal box while stuffing their faces with sugary oats as a kid?  And then dancing said faces off to Beat It in their rooms?

Mikey turned a familiar item from our childhood, the cereal box, into unique and clever pieces of art. Smooth Crimino’s, below, is flawless in both design and name.  Although, if I could choose one, I’d take King of Pops home with me.



















(Images courtesy of Mikey De Pippo)

Want a charming MJ cereal box poster of your own?  Contact Mikey directly for purchasing inquiries at


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