Go Green!

With Earth Day coming up around the corner  (Friday April 22, mark your calendars), we should all spend some time thinking of new ways to go green. While purchasing a stylish lime jacket may not count, finding a new purpose for your old jacket just might.

NBC Universal and artsy site Etsy have partnered for an Earth Day inspired contest called “The Art of Reuse”. Artists and “craftists” have been invited to showcase their best hand-crafted items out of purely repurposed materials. With NBC backing the contest, a slew of celebrity judges ranging from Martha Stewart to Tori Spelling have been secured to judge the submissions. (I knew that Donna Martin had an artsy side when she dressed up as a mermaid for Halloween, but I didn’t realize she had a green side too.) The general public has also been asked to cast their votes and will automatically enter a draw to win a $500 Etsy certificate towards their favourite indie art, accessories and apparel purchases.  Deadline for voters is April 15th 2011.

Caveat: You have to register first in order to vote and it appears that the contest is restricted to US residents (although you might be able to “cheat the system” by entering a US zipcode). Either way, the contest entries are worth checking out and might serve as a muse for your own reusable creations. Here are a few of my favourites:

Cast Iron Claw Foot Bathtub Couch, by Jill Morrison

Reincarnated Door and Coffee Table, by Yuki Kuznets

Recycled Coffee Bag Pillow Covers, by Tanya Kearns

Poncho Pin, by Sarah Mendell

I am suddenly inspired to think of ways to reuse the empty wine and beer bottles left over from Saturday’s party… Anyone need a bottle organ?


2 Comments on “Go Green!”

  1. CopyCat says:

    Love the recycled coffee bag pillows I would get my self a few pretty cool idea 😀

  2. nuggs says:


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