Is Peggy Bundy My Current Style Icon?

The other night, I had a startling realization: at work, I am dressed like Peggy Bundy circa 1993. Don’t believe me?  Let’s do a comparison.  I’ve listed the various elements that contribute to Peggy’s well-known look followed by descriptions of my usual work attire.

Peggy vs. Sandy:

Tight black capri pants. The pants that I wear to work typically have volume on top, giving me the illusion of hips, which Peggy has naturally.  I wear my gray or black pants slim fitting through the leg and they cut just above the ankle.  Either that or body con miniskirts.  I’d say this is a match.

Animal print top worn frequently off the shoulders. My work uniform consists of sleeveless animal-print tops and flower-print bustiers.  Yes, for work.  Don’t judge me.  Match.

Bangs with big, wavy red hair. Hmm.  I have bangs and brown wavy hair.  My hair doesn’t have as much volume as Peggy’s but now it’s obvious why I should never dye my hair red.  Match.

Over-the-top jewellery in loud colours. My attempt to wear jewellery to work ended prematurely as my bangles kept annoyingly clicking on the desk when I typed.  Although I now show up to work jewellery-free, I do have an extensive collection of colourful bangles and earrings sitting in my drawer. Semi-match.

Slip-on stilettos decorated with hideous poufs. I wear purple 4-inch heels at work daily.  The hideous pouf is definitely not work appropriate so I’m safe there.  But, given I wear stilettos daily, I still count this as a quarter-match.

C cups.  No match.

In conclusion, based on a number of comparisons, my workday look resembles Peggy Bundy’s quite a bit.  Shame.  Additionally, I share the same birthday as Katey Sagal, the actor who played her. No sense in fighting it.

(Image courtesy of Bite)


One Comment on “Is Peggy Bundy My Current Style Icon?”

  1. rhianna says:

    ahhhhhhh love. this.

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