Wear Hats

Last week, fashion blogger Garance Dore wrote about her struggle with wearing hats:

“I love hats, but each time I wear one I have that feeling that everybody is watching me. It’s stupid I know, but what happens is that most times the hat ends up in my bag.”

Photo credit and quote: Garance Dore blog

I remember feeling that way about hats. It seemed as if they carried an air of pretentiousness (I googled, it’s a word) about them and just screamed “Look at me, I’m a hat!”.  They made me feel like I was trying too hard or wanting to draw attention to myself (when it was often quite the opposite I was trying to achieve).  The fact of the matters is, hats just take a bit of getting used to. Like a new haircut.  But once you start, you may find them mildly addictive and feel almost naked without them. Like with a watch or sunglasses. And if you think you’re getting odd stares from strangers, it’s probably all in (or rather “on”) your head.

Luckily, there has never been a better time to start wearing hats. The spring 2011 runways were filled with them: big, bold, floppy, colourful – you name it.  Other benefits to wearing hats include:

–       they can cover up a bad hair day

–       they can accessorize any outfit

–       they can protect you from the sun

–       they can shield you from the rain (I prefer wearing hats to lugging around wet umbrellas in Vancouver)

–       they can be fun!

The other day at the Apple store, the clerk told me they had to jot down descriptions of the customers so they could find us when they were ready for our appointment.  Apparently I was described as “the girl with the orange hat”, thanks to my newest  purchase (see below).  It made me feel like a Becky Bloomwood character of sorts. And it was way better than being described as the tall girl with the small head (it has happened, and is yet another reason why I like to wear hats).

A few hats from my collection. Orange hat, purchased at the Hach, Vancouver BC for 12$ (50% off).


2 Comments on “Wear Hats”

  1. kikzilla says:

    That quote explains it perfectly! I received a beautiful chapeau for Christmas ;D… as soon as I put it on I feel my cool factor go up but somehow that same feeling makes my confidence go wishey-washy, I always just end up putting it back on the hook and it becomes ‘the hat the could’. But by reading this post, and the nice warm weather that is supposed to hit T.O. this weekend, I might try to be daring and bust it out.

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