The Kooples – France’s Newest Export

Lately, I’ve been completely envious of my own self for having lived in Paris last year; a life surrounded by some of the world’s finest art, architecture, people, food, wine and fashion. Among the endless clothing boutiques that line Paris’ charming little streets, a shop I was immediately drawn to was The Kooples.

This Britwear-inspired French chain features in its ads real-life couples who are just dripping with cool.  Never have I wanted so badly to be a 40-something year-old man with a pinky ring and a babe on his arm.  Each better looking than the next (and men often prettier than the ladies), these couples model clothes that can most accurately be described as rock and roll dandy; classic pieces with a little bit of edge.  The Kooples specializes in three-piece suits, military-inspired cardigans, fitted collar shirts, rocker tees and pointy shoes for men; fitted pantsuits, lace tops, short shorts and skinny jeans for women.  All in their four signature colours of black, navy, mushroom and white. Their attention to detail rarely goes unnoticed from skull and crossbones cufflinks on men’s collar shirts to military-themed medallions on cardigan chests.

They opened three stores in the U.K. in November 2010 and, rumour has it, they are slated to open in Bloomingdales in the U.S. in the near future.  Yet another reason to be thankful for the above-par Canadian dollar.

(Photos courtesy of The Kooples)


One Comment on “The Kooples – France’s Newest Export”

  1. Tatyana says:

    Oh, this post made my heart ache a little! I, too, lived in France for a year and would decorate my bare apartment walls with The Kooples ads because, really, they’re just cool.

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