Waiting for the Universal Sigh

Most people around the world already had a chance to smudge their fingers with ink while leafing thorough Radiohead’s much anticipated newspaper “The Universal Sigh”. Like this fortunate young fellow in front of Amoeba Records, San Francisco.

Due to “delivery issues” (hey, I wouldn’t want to drive a truck in this rain either, but come on!), Vancouverites have had to practice their patience, yet again.  The poetry and sketch filled booklet should be available, for free, today at 1pm in front of HMV on Robson street.

Websites ranging from Stereogum to the Wall Street Journal have already made the paper available in digital format online. As tempted as I was to take a sneak peek, I decided it wouldn’t be quite the same as the real deal. There’s a reason why Radiohead retreated to the traditional media format and I want to participate in that experience.  Having to wait until something is released (or delivered!) until you get it, physically opening it and holding it in your hands. It’s like Christmas!

Now, the least Thom York could do is come to Vancouver to deliver it in person (like he did in London) just for making us wait an extra day 😉

Image via Stereogum


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