Beyond the French Quarter: Bywater, New Orleans










(Artwork by Swoon photographed by me)

Fresh off a 4-day stint in New Orleans with my best girls and Vaughn, I’m already dying for a follow-up trip.  We were fortunate enough to have stayed in Bywater, a bohemian neighbourhood populated mainly by locals.  East of the overwhelming 24-hour party that is the French Quarter, Bywater is laid back, quiet and welcoming.  The charming restaurants and bars that make up this great neighbourhood offer delicious and affordable meals and drinks that basically defined our trip; three consecutive afternoon brunches at Satsuma, boxed wine from Bacchanal and too many $3 bourbon and gingers at Vaughn’s Lounge.

Laced with artists, musicians and families, Bywater is charmingly down to earth.  Lack of sleep has me struggling to describe it in more detail.  So, I leave you with select photos from our lovely vacation to the warm south, from which you can form your own opinions.










































2 Comments on “Beyond the French Quarter: Bywater, New Orleans”

  1. Melanie says:

    I’m so jealous. I really want to go to New Orleans. It’s nice to hear about where to stay to avoid living in the French Quarter (though obviously I want to visit it too). Have you seen Treme? It’s an HBO series about Nawlins starting about 3 months after hurricane Katrina. It’s a great show by the creator of The Wire (another HBO show – if you haven’t seen it, you should – exploring the drug culture in the US, specifically in Baltimore – probably the best show I’ve ever seen). Treme doesn’t quite live up to The Wire, but I think it shows New Orleans in an amazing way. Honouring the people and the culture.

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