JJ SPActacular

It’s the end of the week and we can all use some R & R. A little bit of pampering can go a long way, but it can also cause a big dent in your budget. In Thailand you can get a glorious heat-to-toe massage for the equivalent of six dollars. A friend who just got back from India told me about a 10-day “treatment” (consisting of several hours of massages per day performed by your personal harem) for a couple hundred bucks. In Vancouver you can barely find a mani-pedi for under fifty.

Which is why I was stunned to hear about a Korean spa in Port Coquitlam that sets you back a mere $15. JJ Family Spa is a traditional Korean spa that claims to be “the first-ever of its kind in Canada.” The spa consists of five different rooms, each offering different health benefits and mineral structures. The first section is segregated (and nudity is mandatory). There you can indulge in the hot tub/cold tub room, as well as the steam and dry saunas. The best part is the Salt Room – a small haven where you lay in a heated room over salt minerals reminiscent of a sandy beach. Aside from offering the ultimate relaxation, the minerals can apparently help cure “women’s diseases” and release hormones.

The second area is co-ed and cover-ups are provided. You can literally fall asleep in the Charcoal room (boasting to help prevent hangovers) while the Yellow Earth room is great for eliminating toxins, releasing stress, and restoring your skin. Or you can simply chill in the lounge drinking tea and watch Korean soap operas.

I checked it out earlier this year and my body has been craving  to go back.  I’m finally making my way out again this weekend. If I see you there hopefully we can overcome the awkward nude conversation in the ladies section.


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