Blogging is Better

For your health. Yup. According to an article Sandra sent me earlier today there are actual health benefits to virtual venting. This should come as no surprise since we’ve all heard about the therapeutic benefits of journal writing; expressing your thoughts and feelings can help you release them (and related stress).

Personally, I’ve never kept a journal aside from a few short weeks as a pre-pubescent kid. The sudden stop to my writing career was caused by the discovery that my older sister had found and read my journal, and decided it would be fun to add her own side commentary to my little life (along with some snarky suggestions, i.e: Use Scope). I actually found that journal this summer and, although I wasn’t half as cool as this young lady, I was surprised to see I had many of the same principles then, as I do now. Overall I was a pretty good kid.

Henriette Browne: Young Girl Writing At Her Desk With Birds

So I guess it’s a bit strange that I would start a blog now (and actually ask my sister to read it). But I do notice the benefits. According to an article in Scientific American, research conducted on expressive writing shows that it also improves memory and sleep (although Sandra might disagree), boosts immune cell activity, reduces viral load in AIDS patients and speeds healing after surgery. Alice Flaherty, a neuroscientist at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital claims that “blogging might trigger dopamine release, similar to stimulants like music, running and looking at art.” Now we’re blogging!

Bottom line, blogging can be a lot of fun and it’s certainly created a tighter bond between my co-blogger Sandra and I. We hope you like what we write and that you’ll keep reading and help spread the word (but keep your older-sibling disses to yourselves please). Here’s how:

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