Make Your Own Wine

Nothing tops a nice glass of smooth and soothing wine after a hard day’s work. Oh yeah, how about basking in the glory of a bottle that bears YOUR name?

When my boyfriend told me he was making his own wine I envisioned a fun outing to the countryside where festive folk rolled up their trousers Lucille Ball style and stomped on grapes.

Turns out there’s a place in Cloverdale, BC that does the messy part for you, called Quality Wine Cellars. What’s left for you is to simply select the type of wine you’d like to make and wait for the fun part. The cellar prepares the raw materials and calls you when they have properly fermented. Then it’s up to you to bottle, cork and apply your own personalized labels at their facility.

We opted for the fortified kind (naturally) and went with a delectable Blackberry Port. Port wine can cost a pretty penny but with the DIY method you get to save big bucks, have a ton of fun, and be as narcissistic as you like. Anybody interested in a glass of 2011 port straight from Tomikola Estates? That’s right, you read it correctly.

Tomikola Estates

Photo by Nikola Jurlina

Needless to say, these bottles can make great gifts (you’ll walk away with a fair share of them, might be wise to go in on a batch with a group of friends) and guarantee boasting rights.


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